The  Founders  of Al  Salam  have  envisioned  a  multi-specialty  hospital  providing  safe  and  quality  medical  care  in  a  state of the art facility. Al Salam is strategically located between Isa Town and Riffa, overlooking the Al-Estiqlal Highway that connects Manama to the southern province of Bahrain. Al Salam Specialist Hospital is set to open during the first quarter of year 2018.


Being the first hospital in Kingdom of Bahrain met NHRA Resolution 15 for Healthcare Facilities Standards.

The hospital will be housed in a 27,000 square meters building that is easily accessible from all parts of Bahrain. State of  the  art  medical  equipment,  highly  qualified  and  experienced  clinicians  and  surgeons,  qualified  and  experienced multicultural  team  of  nursing  and  paramedical  staff,  Senior  Management  staff  of  international  repute,  staff  training facility and, 260 dedicated parking within the building are the salient features of this project.






Parking Spaces


Storey Building


Offer high quality healthcare services spanning across multiple specialties through a team of highly experienced and renowned local and international doctors. To plug the gap in private healthcare services in Bahrain.



70 beds



Al- Estiqlal Highway, Riffa, Bahrain



Built-up area of 27,000 Sq meters, 11 storey building with dedicated space for 260 car parking

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Estiqlal Highway, Near Akbar Al Khaleej

Buhair, Riffa

Central Governorate,

Kingdom of Bahrain

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